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Sound Equipment


Live Sound #1

1 Analog  Mixer

1 Microphone

2 Speakers

1 Monitor Mix


Limited Add-ons

*Ideal for 1 Singer or 1 Speaker

Video and Live Sound #4

Video & live sound pricing start from Package  3. Please call for more information when considering this option.

Live Sound #2

Digital Mixer

1-3 Mics

2 Speakers

1 Subwoofer

Up to 3 Monitor Mixes


Limited Add-ons

*Ideal for small size band

Panel Only #5

Digital Mixer

Up to 6 Microphones

2 Speakers

*Ideal for speaking panels 

Live Sound #3

Digital Mixer

2 Cordless Microphone

2 Corded Mics

2 Speakers

2 Subwoofers

UP to 6 Monitor Mixes


*Ideal for medium size bands


32 Input Digital Mixer

Cordless Mics

Wired Mics

Monitors Speakers

Monitor Mixers

* Call or Email for Pricing *
From $600 & UP
* Call for Pricing if you have a large event that requires more equipment*
Please Note: All packages are specific to its kind, and CANNOT be cross mixed ! If you  require  more within a package, simply upgrade to next package, from there use add-on option
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