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Quick Services

Welcome to Quick Services! They are just that, services on demand done quick! KLMedia Multi Flex now offers "Quick Services" for the customer that doesn't have the need for long term contracting. You just want a place to have your important meeting/event  that requires urgent and immediate attention. Maybe your podcast is a one off production; or, you have a last minute photo shoot that needs to happen now! Or, your business has a last minute important meeting! Well, we've got you covered with "Quick Services"!

NOTE: Quick Services prices cannot be applied to long term contractual agreements

Main Room

  • $175 per hour

  • Seating up to 50 persons

  • Incudes presentations monitors 

  • Sound System (limited)

  • 2 Mics

Quick Podcast 

  • $125 per hour up to 2 hrs

  • Includes  sound engineer

  • Mastering $85 optional

  • Up to 4 podcasters

  • Room can accommodate cameras

Quick Photo Shoot

KLMedia  provides  photography services. through  TRT PRODUCTIONS.  To begin scheduling your photography services right now, just click the link below.

Quick Meeting Room

  • $50 per hour

  • Seating up to 10 persons

  • Includes front foyer area seating

  • Room includes monitor water beverage 

Quick Band Rehearsal

  • Rehearsal space for 4 piece band

  • Keys

  • Drums

  • bass/Guitar


Coming Soon

  • We have an exiting service coming soon to KLMedia and KLMedia MultiFlex Space. 

Our Team


Kevin Lipsey Sr  Owner/Audio Engineer

Meet Kevin Lipsey, owner of KLMedia and KLMedia MultiFlex Space. Kevin is a live sound, audio, and broadcast engineer with a firm desire for excellence in sound enhancement. As a visionary, Kevin has garnered accolades in the music industry and built a thriving business and career through his passion and commitment to high quality production.

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