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About Me

Kevin Lipsey is an entrepreneur and live sound engineer,  streaming  and broadcast engineer in Atlanta Georgia. Kevin's ranking is an A1 engineer, who has worked in the live audio industry for over 20 years. He's serviced high profile clients, local Artist, church affiliates, to everyday hard working good people. Now, he wants an opportunity to serve you!


The Live Sound Engineer


Experienced  sound and audio engineering  working in the industry for more than 20 years. Works well under pressure and is an excellent in trouble shooting technical issues in a live environment. Lead A1 audio and sound engineering for various gospel, R&B and jazz artists, musicians, corporate bands, at wedding receptions and church events. Proficient in analog and digital consoles, and  controlling mixer software applications.


Excellent communication skills, technical skills of equipment in use and complex problem-solving capability. Eye-hand coordination, Computer skills, good ear for balanced mixing in live environments, live streaming and broadcast application . Understand different types of microphones -- compression, dynamic, ribbon, and excellent in equalization and preventing feedback. Responsible for maintenance of equipment and continual self education of digital software based systems. Live streaming, Broadcast Audio, Videography and more.

Who I've Worked With

Kevin has had the opportunity to work closely with national and international artist to ensure a successful demonstration of their artistry and talents; as well as, the comfortability of the listening audience. 


Here are a few clients he has worked with:



  • Stacey Abrams

  • South Fulton Mayoral Debate


  • Damien Escobar

  • Ken ford



  • Jagged Edge

  • Case

  • 112

  • Toney Terry

  • Denise Williams


  • Bob Baldwin

  • TC Carson

  • Sinbad

  • Eric Essix

  • Aaron Blake

  • Norman Brown

  • Kirk & Kevin Whalum

  • Chandra Currelley

  • Will Downing

  • The late George Howard



  • Kim Burell

  • Vicki Yohe

  • Countless of Church Choirs & Praise Teams


Local Atlanta Artist

  • Al Smith

  • Philippia Williams

  • Regina Troupe

  • Robin Latimore

  • Tony Tatum

  • Trav Wright [RIP]

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